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Learning Vision Skills in Preschool Helps a Child’s Learning for Life

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Learning Vision Skills in Preschool Helps a Child’s Learning for Life

December 14, 2010 @ 11:16 am
by Darin

Learning vision skills is an essential part of a child’s development in the preschool years.  Vision skills lays the groundwork for future academic achievement, because these are the building blocks upon which a child’s reading, writing and spelling will be built.  Failure to develop the right skills in the early years can lead to a lifetime of struggling at school, frustration and underachieving.

Learning Vision Skills is Essential

The development of correct learning vision skills is an essential part of a child’s overall development in the preschool years.  Yet the vision skills development is most often overlooked in preschool curriculums, severely affecting the development of many who go on to have learning disabilities.  We spend time developing a child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills and social skills, but most often these essential vision skills are overlooked, to the long-term detriment of the child’s development.

In the classroom, vision is the dominant sense being responsible for around 80% of all information a child takes in.  Therefore it makes sense that training these skills can help them take in and understand visual information and thereby enhance the learning process.  It is essential that we not only identify these skills of vision but also find a way to quickly and effectively train them so that the child’s ability to learn can be enhanced to its maximum level.

Learning Vision Skills is Fun

As a behavioral optometrist who is worked in the area of learning vision skills for over 20 years I have seen thousands of success stories by enhancing and training the skills.  The really great thing is that the techniques required to enhance these learning vision skills are simple, fun and enthusiastically embraced by both children and their parents.  We have developed a number of games and therapy techniques that get preschool children excited, thereby making the development of these essential skills fun and enjoyable instead of boring and tedious.

The question is not whether these learning vision skills can be enhanced but rather what is the fastest and most effective way of training them?  There are a number of interesting and fun games and techniques that can make the process of learning visual skills enjoyable, and these do not involve expensive computer programs or consultations with professionals. These require only a small outlay and a regular but small amount of work, but the long term effect can be stunning in the life of your child.

So, if your child is in the preschool years, take the time to develop the areas that really count in the long term for your child’s reading development.  Learning vision skills in preschool can save you from a lifetime of learning disability heartache!

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